Feel free to fall on your sword if you feel that's appropriate, but please refrain from throwing an entire race of people on there with you.

The following will likely be very unpopular on this forum, but it needs to be said.

On racism: If you posit that all racists are white people, it doesn't then follow that all white people are racists. Don't believe me? All women are humans. Are all humans women? All squirrels are mammals. Are all mammals squirrels? And BTW: Not all racists are white people. …

Image by Nicholas Doherty

I operate the electric grid for a living. From a purely professional standpoint, I don’t much care how our electricity is generated, as long as there’s enough of it available to meet demand. And this is where discussions of the annualized output of the various types of generating station can mislead: Unlike more traditional power plants, which can be ordered to a specific output at any time, up to their max output rating, renewables like wind and solar generate only as much as they want to generate at any given moment. We can’t always order them up to their maximum…

All culture is "cultural appropriation." You know how you can tell the good cultural affectations from the bad ones? The good ones are the ones that spread around. So please stop with this "cultural appropriation" bullshit and just take it as the compliment that it is.

For all the "wisdom" dispensed on Medium about the looming crash of the stock market, there's one basic fact that seems to always be ignored: The wild machinations of fickle investors don't alter the fundamental soundness of our economic underpinnings.

So while the newest crypto might swing wildly up or down, and while Tesla stock might soar to unimaginable heights and while some random large investor or anarchic collaboration might buy or sell some stock (or collection of stocks) into a momentary high or low, the actual economic engine upon which all of this flotsam and jetsam floats and bobs…

Wow. That sounds terrible. Much worse than wondering if you're about to be raped. I guess I had it all wrong. Men are the victims here, not women. Thanks for setting me straight.

Or, put another way, I think you're a selfish and unempathetic narcissist and the United States is better off without you.

When do you get to the things that I have "no idea of"?

The other side of this coin is that I, as a man, walk always on eggshells around women I don't know, because I know that they have little choice but to perceive me as a threat.

I'm not super-chatty anyway, so most of the time it doesn't matter. But if I see a woman I don't know struggling to reach a high shelf, or broken down on the side of the road, or picking up parcels that she dropped, or pretty much in any other situation where…

COVID-19 vaccine passports. Lots of people seem to think they steal freedom.

They do not. They do the opposite. Please allow me to explain:

You have the right to vaccinate or to not vaccinate, as you alone see fit. As far as I’m aware, nobody in a position of authority has suggested otherwise.

But the rest of us also have rights. We have the right to avoid inhaling your toxic breath if you have chosen not to vaccinate. The passport tells us who is safe and who needs to be avoided. …

Oh, they'll win. Our descent into the pit of governmental dysfunction, imposed by the tyranny of a minority, is far from complete.

Our flawed constitution has handed to Republicans the power to act as a legislative and civil rights wrecking ball while representing the least-educated 40% or so of the voting public, and the more they lose, the more they wreck.

It looks like Joe Biden will be inheriting a presidency with very little left standing in the way of rank authoritarianism. Donald Trump, with the assent of Republicans in Congress and a corrupt Attorney General, spent the last four years successfully crashing through many of the informal guardrails that once stood in the way of a criminal and authoritarian executive. Joe Biden could, if he chose, step into that office and use this power to enact a whole slew of liberal policies through executive fiat.

The question we must now ask ourselves is whether that’s the best choice.

There’s little…

(I wrote this in response to a story about the death of Chadwick Boseman. It ended up being about a lot more than just that.)

It’s something I often tell myself in times of unhappiness. Life is a long string of discrete events. Even in normal times, some of those events are going to be good and others bad. Some bring sadness and some bring joy. These ups and downs give texture to our lives. They bring meaning and (to those who are mentally healthy) a motivation to work toward a better world. …

Greg Reed

US Navy veteran. 20+ years commercial nuclear reactor operator. Currently electric grid operator. Father, husband, political junkie, atheist.

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